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Sarah 101

101 Things About Me

1. I am 23 years old

2. I am female

3. I am adopted (I was 4 mo. old)

4. I have two extra bones in each foot

5. Iím allergic to all fresh fruits and vegetables except lettuce and raspberries

6. I literally have hundreds of pairs of underwear (all Victoriaís Secret)

7. I backpacked around Europe by myself

8. I am difficult to read

9. I have a Palm Pilot and cell phone, and am not ashamed

10. I love technology, yet fear it at the same time

11. I love electronic gadgetry

12. I am right handed, but left footed

13. I was a football cheerleader in high school

14. I want to make a difference in the world

15. I regularly see a psychologist

16. I have smoked cigarettes for almost 7 years

17. I am terribly addicted

18. I have a good relationship with my parents

19. I want to see the 7 wonders of the world before I die

20. I canít deal with anyone touching my neck

21. I had 12.5 roommates in college

22. I was a French major

23. I have run from the cops (on numerous occasions)

24. I am from a conservative small town

25. I dated brothers (at the same time)

26. Iím difficult to get to know

27. I hate chocolate

28. Chinese food fixes almost anything

29. I love anything sparkly, glittery, or prismatic

30. I play piano and cello

31. I have a tattoo of a phoenix rising from the flames on my lower back

32. And one of a shooting star on my chest

33. And another of a vine and butterflies around my ankle

34. Iím thinking of getting the ankle tattoo removed

35. I had an eyebrow piercing for three years

36. I took it out after college

37. I had a pierced nose for a short period of time

38. I lose all of my jewelry

39. Someone bought an engagement ring for me

40. I have broken hearts

41. I have had my heart broken

42. I have cheated

43. I have been cheated on

44. I learned my lesson

45. I had my artwork displayed at the capital in sixth grade

46. I was an overachiever as a child

47. I am not now

48. My biggest fear is failure

49. So I avoid it by not trying

50. I often wear my hair in pigtails

51. My favorite color is white

52. I am a democrat

53. I have trust issues

54. I am a bad girlfriend

55. I play mind games

56. I havenít had a real boyfriend in three years

57. I donít really mind this

58. My parentís approval means everything to me

59. I love airports

60. I can swim (quite well), but choose not to

61. I am a hedonist

62. More than one person has threatened to kill me

63. I had a stalker

64. I dated a drug dealer

65. I dated a 27 year old when I was 17

66. I dated a Baptist

67. Pride will be my downfall

68. I love office products

69. I drink green tea with mandarin

70. I had major surgery on my stomach

71. The scars look like an odd pattern of shrapnel

72. I am an extremist

73. I tend to see things in black and white

74. Iím trying to find the shades of gray

75. All four of my grandparents are still living

76. My first job was at McDonaldís when I was 15

77. I have three pair of knee-high black boots

78. I hold a grudge

79. Iím terrible at math

80. Each of my pipes and bongs has a name

81. Iím an impulse buyer

82. I second-guess myself constantly

83. I am horribly indecisive

84. I love men in suits

85. ďI believe in peace, bitchĒ

86. I am not religious

87. I have a rifle and a handgun

88. I am a pretty decent shot

89. I own a Gucci handbag

90. And matching Gucci sunglasses

91. I hate grocery shopping

92. I have great skin and hair

93. Almost everything I do, I do obsessively

94. The nicer I look, the longer itís been since Iíve showered/done laundry

95. I believe in ghosts

96. I canít watch scary movies

97. I am not easily offended

98. I most admire selflessness in others

99. I am incredibly selfish

100. I am addicted to Chapstick

101. I am not the same person I was five years ago


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