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Expect the unexpected

The last week was certainly interesting. The most unexpected thing happened on Wednesday. My old employer called and asked me to come back. Practically begged actually. "The one that fired you about 2 months ago?" you might ask. Yes, them.

The CEO called me on Wednesday afternoon and asked if I would be interested in coming back to work there. He chalked a lot of what had "gone wrong" before as "communication errors" and other such nonsense. I thanked him for thinking of me and turned him down. About 30 minutes later the President of the company called me and offered me more money. I told them I wasn't interested in coming back as a permanent employee but I would come back on a temporary basis with the understanding that I would continue to be looking for other jobs. I named my price, told them I wanted flexible hours, that I wanted to set my own schedule, and that I would be paid hourly this time.

They agreed. I went back to work on Thursday and Friday. My car was in the shop and they sent someone to pick me up and bring me in to work. Things were good there. Everyone was incredibly nice. A few of the guys stopped by my office and whispered things like "Begged you to come back, huh?". I was happy to have the opportunity to gloat a bit as well. There was billing and numerous other things that just hadn't been done at all since I left months ago. And I heard through the rumor mill that they had been through 2 other people since I left and neither could cut it.

So, things have come together in one area of my life at least. I have a job that I can support myself on for as long as I want it. The bad news was my car. The intake manifold gasket and oil pan gasket were bad (among other smaller things) and it ended up costing me around $1,200.00 to get everything fixed. I get the brakes done tomorrow morning. All in all, I'll have put almost $2,000.00 into my car since October.

Friday was Rusty's birthday party which was fun. We played board games, sat around and talked, and did a little drinking. Saturday night he and I went to see Oedipus and then went out for awhile. We went to a fun bar near his place with great tea and appetizers and then went back to his place and played more games. It was a really fun night.

I leave for Chicago on Wednesday morning. I have an interview for a teach abroad program. I'll be staying with an old friend there through Saturday. I get to see the play he's working on at the Steppenwolf which should be fun as well. Back to working on my sample lesson plan now...


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