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Hello 2005

Nothing terribly important has happened in the last 40 days since I updated. Christmas and New Years were nice and quiet for the most part. Christy was in town and it was mostly nice to see her.

My parents put my dog to sleep on Monday. It was a sad night. She was old and it was time but I do wish I had gotten to see her one last time. My mom called me crying on Monday and told me.

Tomorrow is my last day at the temp job I've been at for over two months now. I'm actually kind of sad about it. I really liked the people there. I start a new assignment on Monday. I'm still holding off on really digging into the job search. I figured I should just temp for awhile until I figure out what I want to do with my life. I've had too many moments filled with thoughts like "I graduated with honors, Phi Beta Kappa in 3 years and now I remove stickers from binders and fold stuff".

In the last 40 days I have read 3 of Stephen King's Dark Tower books and am working on the fourth. After that only one remains... I am addicted. It's been nice to be reading again. It's also been nice not to be working 2 jobs. I read 700 pages in 6 days during the week and another 400 over the weekend.

I spent the last 2 days with Rusty and Brian which was really fun. Rusty made us dinner and we played board games on Tuesday night and last night we went out for dinner and then came to my place to watch the season premier of Alias.

No New Year's resolutions as of yet. Just the usual resolutions to live better, find happiness, do the dishes, and stop taking horrible jobs that I don't want and end up being forced to leave.


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